How much does a Tang Suit cost?

How much does a Tang Suit cost?

You may come up with this question when you first got interested in this Chinese suit. Short answer is a Tang Suit cost $20 to hundreds of dollars, depends on the material, quality, and most importantly, the way how it is made.

But i think that answer may not satisfy you, so let's dive in to this topic.

Market&Supply of Tang Suit

As we all know, China is a very big manufacturing country. On the other hand, Tang suit is just a traditional costume of its own culture, with barely technology. Since Qing Dynasty, Chinese people has been making it for hundreds of years. So, making Tang Suit, in general, is just a piece of cake for modern Chinese people. Benefit from the low price of materials and human resources, China can make Tang suits with very low prices.

But, the problem is, very few modern Chinese people wear this traditional suit in their daily life. Even in the best of circumstances, Chinese people only wear Tang Suit at the Spring Festival(Chinese new year). As a native Chinese born and bred in China, i've never witness man wearing Tang Suit on the street, except on TV and on the Internet. But it's not just China, traditional costume is not very popular in any country on this planet.

Anyway, due to the small market, there aren't very many merchants and factories making Tang Suit. As a result, even China is a big manufacturing country, you need to pay more to buy a traditional Tang Suit than an ordinary modern daily outfit.

Price Ranges&Corresponding Condition of Tang Suit

Before we get into the Price Ranges, we need to specify what "a Tang Suit" means. Same with the word "Suit" in western context, when we say "a Tang Suit", we mean "a Tang Suit style Jacket plus a pair of Tang Suit style pants".

$20 to $50

The lowest price range for a Tang Suit should be $20 to $50. Tang Suits in this price range, usually made of cotton and linen, with an "OK" quality, and of course made by machines. This cheapest type of Tang Suit, won't have a big brand. The manufacturers may not put much work into the details, so you may find some thread ends on them. But, in general, they should be GOOD to wear, and a GOOD choice for a Chinese traditional costume newbie.

To be honest, this is the type of Tang Suit we have, but we are trying our best to make sure it's GOOD for you.

$50 to $200

The middle price range for a Tang Suit should be $50 to $200. Tang Suits in this price range, can be made of cotton, linen and silk, with a pretty good quality. Most of this type of Tang Suit are made by machines, but some of them can also be handcrafted. They may have a good brand, but definitely no a big brand due to the market size. The manufacturers or the tailor will put a lot of work into the quality and the details. If you were a Chinese traditional costume pro, this type of Tang Suit should be your choice.

We don't have this type of Tang Suit for now, if you want them, just leave a comment to let us know.

$200 and above

Tang Suit cost more than $200 should be the first tier of this Chinese suit. Tang Suits of this class, definitely should have a good brand, and can be made by any materials. They should be made by professional tailors. Good quality is only the basic requirement, they should manifest the maker's unique characteristic. If you were a Tang Suit enthusiast, this type of Tang Suit might be your favorite.

That's what you need to know when it comes to Buying a Tang Suit, leave us a comment if you have any other question.

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