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Modern hanfu dress is usually a one-piece dress with hanfu style, while traditional hanfu dresses like ruqun and aoqun are consisted of the upper garment and the skirt.

A modern hanfu dress may has those differences with a traditional one:

  • Modern hanfu dress has a one-piece style other than the traditional hanfu dresses's two-piece style.
  • Modern hanfu dress has narrow sleeves, while the traditional hanfu dresses have large or at least loose sleeves.
  • Modern hanfu dress has the body-fitting style which make it more sexy, while the traditional hanfu dresses looks more elegant.
  • Modern hanfu dress barely has accessories which make it more convenient in daily life, while the traditional hanfu dresses have many accessories.

Apart from modern hanfu dress, there are also jackets, blouse and pants in Modern Hanfu collection.

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